• The Hymn Sheet: A guiding document allowing Clevelanders to sing the same tune, the Hymn Sheet will reflect the foundations laid to date (such as the Euclid Corridor Project, development in the Flats, investment in green spaces), emphasize the high notes of our city (diverse neighborhoods, proximity to the lake, the fantastic parks, public transportation), and promote the future beat (education initiatives, Red Room Revolution initiatives and more).

    The Hymn sheet will be circulated to businesses, Cleveland travelers, the airports, local entrepreneurs, foreign investors, tourism officials, taxi drivers, restaurants, area universities and other hubs of influence.

  • Brand: The Red Room Revolution combines all relevant pillars and initiatives into a cohesive branding statement for the City to deploy both locally and farther afield.
  • Red Room Website: Takes the Red Room Dialogues online. This site will allow the public to participate in conversations with government, businesses, and other communities to continually shape the new Cleveland agenda. Forums, content-specific weblogs and positive news updates, as well as user-contributed content (a la Wikipedia) will be featured.
  • Ambassador Program: Train people such as taxi drivers, hotel staff, restaurant owners, university admissions officers, business travelers and ordinary residents to sing the praises of Cleveland – where it has been, where it is going.
    We will also encourage longtime Clevelanders to tell their stories and relate how Cleveland has evolved over the years. Such stories will reinforce the authenticity and will celebrate the idiosyncrasies and historical ethnicity of the City.
  • Highlight the Digital City initiative between OneCleveland and IntelĀ®. Cleveland is a showcase city, one of only three in the world! Entrepreneurial opportunities will spin off from this initiative, including a thriving Smart Apps community that offers an enormous software innovation engine to propel Cleveland beyond other cities.