Red Room Revolution Vision

Every organization in the Greater Cleveland region will become state-of-the-art by adopting and applying appropriate information technology solutions and practices to increase and leverage global competitiveness.

Red Room Revolution Mission

The Red Room Revolution will serve as a catalyst for progressive economic development in the Greater Cleveland region by fostering and accelerating a world-class information technology culture focused on the power of innovation. Success will be measured by the growth rate of technology-related jobs, firms and investments.

Our Objectives are to…


Increase information technology awareness locally, and enhance the image of both technology companies and the region locally and globally.


Leverage the OneCleveland network as a competitive advantage to seed and accelerate the growth of regional technology businesses. Use the network to attract new domestic and foreign businesses and talent by providing financial investment, technology-friendly districts and turnkey accelerator programs.

Collaborate to Accelerate

Create a powerful network of innovators, entrepreneurs, educators, investors, and civic organizations to produce, retain and import intellectual talent, as well as provide connections to facilities and support services, venture funding, relationships and business expertise.