“Dialogues” were originally conceived in Britain, where Red Room Revolution visionary Cathy Panzica worked with the Prime Minister’s E-envoy to transform the country for a deep rooting of the new economy. As part of the process, dinners were held with key interest groups to generate an understanding by the government of what was needed to create a healthy environment for new companies to grow and develop, particularly in the technology space.

Cathy presented the concept to Michael DeAloia, Tech Czar for the City of Cleveland, who thought it had merit. Consequently, Red Room Dialogue dinner meetings have been planned for alternating months. City of Cleveland officials also participated in these dialogues where key interest groups laid out what was needed to truly turn the soil, plant new seeds and transform an economy that is begging for real answers.

The outcomes of the dialogue dinner meetings resulted in the identification of 20 key initiatives to grow the greater Cleveland area through technology transformation. Today, these initiatives collectively are the Red Room Revolution.